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Roof Repairs and Replacements

ESG provides expert residential roof repairs and replacements in Denver, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, Colorado. We also can provide roofing services in the mountain communities as needed. Our experienced team will provide an assessment of the condition of your roof and help you make the best choice for the proper protection of your most valuable asset - your home. 

Your roof is your home's first line of defense against the elements - severe storms, wind-driven rain and hail can weaken your roof over time and can create damage that may even require replacement of the entire roof. If you have experienced damage following a storm, we can assist you in the process of working with your insurance company and adjuster. 

How to spot damage to your roof

Following a storm, there is a likelihood that your roof may have sustained damage. Here are things that you want to look for (while standing safely on the ground, unless you have a drone that you can use to take some pictures or video of your roof):

  • Do you see shingles curling on the edges, or notice any cracks?
  • Is there debris such as branches, twigs or leaves on the roof?
  • Do you see and pieces of shingles lying in your yard?
  • How does the siding/exterior of your home look? If there are dings, that could be indicative that there is damage on the roof.
  • Do you have a second story that overlooks part of your roof that might be covering a porch or patio? If so, try to look out and see if you notice damage.
  • Moving to the interior, do you see any water stains on the ceilings or walls?

Often, storm damage can be hard to detect, especially to the untrained eye. If you suspect that your roof may have sustained damage, contact us right away for an evaluation. 

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